Society, A Perpetual Cycle [Alan Watts]

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Aug 16, 2013
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Alan Watts talks about how our society conditions children to live with a constant frustration and worry about the future, and never learn how to live in the present. "Alan Watts - The Principles Of Parents To Children" is the name of the YouTube video that the lecture is from, though I'm not sure´╗┐ if it's the original name of the lecture. Check Alan Watts' website: Music: David Helpling - Moon Dreaming Thunder [album: Sleeping on the Edge of the World] *************************** Omega Point Facebook page: *************************** If you think what I'm doing is worth it, please support me, either by sharing the videos and joining the OmegaPoint Facebook page and/or by donating if you can (There is a PayPal donation button on my channel). Thank you, Omid

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