Deadly explosion rocks Lebanese capital Beirut

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Over 20 people have been killed and over 200 others injured in a car-bomb explosion that shook the Lebanese capital Beirut's Southern suburb Thursday afternoon. Security forces have cordoned off the venue of the explosion as rescue forces and paramedics continued to rush to the scene. This attack is the second to target Beirut's southern suburb in just one month. However, today's explosion is believed to be the deadliest to hit the suburb since 1985 as it went off in a heavily populated region, in rush-hour, and on the eve of Hezbollah Secretary Chief - Sayyed Hassan Nasr-Allah's - speech on the occasion of July 2006 war victory. A number of lawmakers arrived at the scene to express solidarity with the families of the victims. Of the first arrivals was Hezbollah representative Sayyed Ibrahim Mousawi who had this to say to Press TV. Soon after the explosion went off a group calling itself the "Aisha Um Al-Mo'emeneen Foreign Operations's Brigades" issued a video statement claiming responsibility for the terrorist act and a similar attack which rocked the same district on July 9th of this year. The group threatened Hezbollah's Secretary General and his movement vowing much more to come. However, the residents of the region whose homes were set ablaze by the explosion reiterated their support for the resistance stressing that their will will not be shaken. Press TV camera went to check up on the wounded in a local hospital. This is what we found. Recently in Lebanon attacks against Hezbollah's home turf have risen drastically. In the last couple of months rockets have been fired on the Southern suburb, several cases of roadside-bomb attacks have been failed and two massive explosions were recorded in just 4 weeks.

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