Black Spheres Orbs Rods and Lightning Storms - UFO Presence Unexplained Objects Entities

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MUSIC: Clint Mansell: The Wrestler feat. Slash"Black Orbs, Rods & Lightning Storms - Anyone Can Film This"26 July 2013 - Photos taken during an electrical stormA look at 2 lightning strikes and the objects which appear in photos at this time and thereafter. Also, some "other" things which can be seen, not by the unaided eye, but only when reviewing footage/photos.Distance and altitude as well as whether an object is "solid" can be tough to gauge! Objects such as birds and insects which we CAN see with the naked eye are much easier to deal with - we can tell the size of the creature, the placement within the FOV, the approximate distance from ourselves, and the altitude at which it appears.There are objects which ANYONE can film at ANY time that defy basic rules of thumb in terms of observation and evaluation. These are the objects which I would like to show you. They move so fast, that despite the shutter speed, you may only capture them in 1 of 10 frames. Further, they disappear between frames, AND they can hover as well as change size and shape. It can be very tough to determine a great number of things which should be quite obvious... IF we we dealing with natural, regular and accepted organisms.As I am not a great photographer, and do NOT have a fantastic camera, it should be pretty amazing that I can capture all sorts of bizarre things basically EVERY time I shoot. Those who try these simple experiments also find that they are capturing vast numbers of peculiar "things". So give it a try.Much Love - Luxe 2013

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