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MAJOR NEWS - Baltic Anomaly Looks Like A Crash Site - NEW SONAR IMAGE


In a video released today, the latest high dimensional images shows what can only be described as a crash site on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Complete with gouge in a underwater mountain and the long skid mark on the sea floor. In this video you will hear the voices of diver Stefan Hodgeborn, Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. With Multibeam sonar, the color range or grey scale shows depth and creates a top-side view of the seafloor. The color coded image: warm colors (red, orange, yellow) correspond to shallower water depths, while cooler colors (green, blue, purple) indicate deeper depths. http://www.gofundme.com/oceanxteam

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  • Sum1uallno#

    Sum1uallno August 27, 2013 12:38:44 AM CEST


  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 August 26, 2013 4:10:16 AM CEST

    It is still the concrete ballast remains of a Russian Novgorod Ironclad war ship. Look it up.

  • matted#

    matted August 23, 2013 8:00:07 AM CEST

    where's the real videos, the Baltic sea isn't that deep, so why not have raw/real video or photos of it?
    sonar after almost 2 years seems wrong when rover should have been there by now if anything was there worth looking at.

  • Drcassiel#

    Drcassiel August 19, 2013 10:42:36 PM CEST

    ha! haaaa!!!

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 August 19, 2013 6:32:14 PM CEST

    Im sick of these pricks..


    PSYCHOTRON August 19, 2013 6:17:05 PM CEST

    Possible meteor hit from long ago?

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye August 19, 2013 2:16:21 PM CEST

    I think it would be wrong to take a core sample of that as much as i want to definitively know what it is. It would be like drilling into Mount Rushmore, or it's like those climbers who drill holes in the rocks instead of using crevace clamps, ruining serene landscape for future visitors. Not a second thought for anyone else

  • Aardvaaks#

    Aardvaaks August 19, 2013 10:19:22 AM CEST

    The issue really has been about a lack of funding, As per the film comment 1 million € to do a core sample to get to the bottom of this, the loose rock samples to date have been interesting but a core one is essential.

  • ivarerdal#

    ivarerdal August 19, 2013 2:23:27 AM CEST

    It should be noted that the fly-by sequence shown in this clip is a 3D animation by Hauke & Bro based on actual sonar and multibeam data.

  • Sum1uallno#

    Sum1uallno August 18, 2013 10:43:38 PM CEST

    Fault line?

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