4 - Psychic Skills & Miracles - technology used for telepathy and remote viewing

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Neurotheology 4 - This lecture, by Todd Murphy describes how telepathy and remote viewing have been generated in laboratory settings by Dr. M. A. Persinger (inventor of the "God Helmet") using "The Octopus" and "Shiva", circumcerebral (around the head) neural stimulation devices. It also discusses a case history of a possible miracle elicited using neural stimulation. This is part of a series of talks in neurotheology given by the inventor of the 8 Coil Shakti and the Shiva Neural Stimulation system (which replicates the God Helmet). Psychic skills were outside the range of science until the experiments described in this lecture were published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. These articles can be found by searching for 'circumcerebral' at www.pubmed.com.

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