The Cure - Staring At The Sea - The Singles (Full Album)

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The first Cure CD a friend let me borrow in the early 90's which turned out being my favorite band of all time.The Cure -Staring At The Sea-The Singles (Full Album) 1978-1985Released May 6 19861. Killing an Arab 0:002. 10:15 Saturday Night 2:203. Boys Don't Cry 5:574. Jumping Someone Else's Train 8:315. A Forest 11:246. Play For today 16:187. Primary 19:558. Other Voices 23:309. Charlotte Sometimes 27:5410. The Hanging Garden 32:0611. Let's Go To Bed 36:2612. The Walk 39:5713. The Love Cats 43:2014. The Caterpillar 46:5915. In Between Days 50:3816. Close To Me 53:3317. A Night Like This 57:14Check out my other full album uploads by The Cure.Faith- Up- Seconds-

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