Science is not 100% sure Comet ISON is a Comet.

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 19, 2013
  • Views: 1954 In part 24 of the Comet c2012 s1 ISON series, we discuss ISON being recovered by Amateur Astronomer Bruce Gary, we yearn for the photos from Deep Impact but I fear NASA isn't going to give them up any time soon, we also mention the fact that there is a discussion that scientists are not 100% sure Comet ISON is a comet. Yep this crazy story only keeps getting crazier. Why have only two people been able to find it in the last week? What is causing the uptick in volacanoes, earthquakes and floods? A big volcano went off in Japan today. It feels a little extra weird after Pattie Broussard and her heart felt speech on the coming of Planet X and it's 7 friends. So we're staying aware and alert to all the new news that is coming in and it is coming in fast and furious. Like the new star Nova Delphini 2013 from the Constellation of Delphinus. Didn't Nostradamus talk about Sagittarius and the Delphi? Or maybe it was just fire and sparks in the sky as the comet runs and MABUS dies. Who can tell? Nostradamus is hard to peg down .These are strange days, indeed. And to make it all weirder, there was a Red Sunset in Texas today. God bless everyone. Stay cool. Thanks and congratulations to Bruce Gary on your Awesome ISON find. You can follow me on the facebook if yee like.

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