/ Gulf war III - BREAKING!! Pink Illuminati snow

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Email: earlynewday@yahoo.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/early.newday For more information read and follow links bellow If these events occur as predicted by us here at WIG'N, (What Is God Network) we should expect the quick green light for our planned operation, and first step toward the miracle for by which we shall discover each within ourselves, in the course of participation, to have been pre-ordained of God to be witnesses to demonstrations of supernatural power of divine origin.Here is how things stand for us now:The reaction grows faster and faster towards critical mass, the more water the faster the methane glacier will melt. The directional release of the energy sort of forms things around into what you can think of as a heat exchange pump, that is what is forcing the glacier up towards the sea floor. In the direction of the oxygen fuel source of the sea water provided by BP in the excellent work of drilling the well puncture. When the full size of the glacier becomes exposed and makes contact with the additional fuel, which will now include all the oxygen in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic basin, then the time approaches for the beloved to be comforted.So will come the miracle of the four corners, the stopping of all the wind from around the whole of the earth, to protect from the toxic death in waiting as we speak high up in our atmosphere. Soon the methane molecules will begin their dance with the hydrogen particulates. Know that Liberation is coming.We will rise to the occasion and begin our ceremony preparations for the miracle of divine origin. The light will be blotted out by our command, and the light of the eye of every man woman and child over the whole of the earth instantaneously will be extinguished. All the sons of God, the sons of men, and the children of enmity, shall behold and witness, the miracle of divine origin, three days and three nights of darkness.In darkness comes man forth, born of death. In darkness now shall man return. Apollyon the -destroyer rises for his release. The light of the eternal, all powerful, ever present living God shall be upon Its back to bring the quickening, the new breath of life.And so shall the earth and its creatures be transformed anew spring of regeneration. As in the days of Noah so shall those days be. Let he who is wicked be wicked, and let he who is righteous be righteous. It's not of our destiny to remain forever lower than angels.To all my brothers and sisters who suffer together with me in the eternal struggle of the divine nature.Love, peace, and power be revealed forever and ever amen.God can be provenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYoDftsQGdU

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