Full Moon in Aquarius Aug/Sept 2013 -- Progress and Change

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Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming Astrological events: * Second Full Moon in Aquarius of 2013, this time in 28 degrees (exact on Aug. 20th, 2013 at 9:45pm EDT)* Moon in Aquarius connects to Neptune in Pisces* Grand Trine between Chiron in Pisces, the Moon's North Node in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer* Uranus in Aries connects to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, creating a T-square for the next 8 months* Venus in Libra approaches a Grand Cross with Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto (exact on Aug. 24-26th)* Mercury, the Sun and Mars will follow Venus through Libra in the next several weeks and months; also forming a Grand Cross with Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto* On Aug. 26th, the Sun makes a square to the Lunar Eclipse degree (from May 24th) and opposes NeptuneWhat calls to you?What would "now" be, if you released the past?Could you allow uncertainty to excite you?For Sonja's online Soul-based Astrology courses visit:http://www.AstrologerCoach.com/online-courses.htmlFor her weekly forecasts go to: http://www.astrologercoach.com/blog/Weekly+Astrology+Forecasts.aspxDaily Astrological posts:http://www.Facebook.com/AstrologerCoach.SonjaFrancishttp://www.twitter.com/sonjafrancisTo book a reading with Sonja via skype or phone, email her at: sonja@AstrologerCoach.com. For her services and fees, go to: http://www.AstrologerCoach.com/services.htmlAll readings are done via skype or phone.

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