ISON cover up? If true it is only the tip of the Iceberg. Looks what it's doing to Sun.

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 19, 2013
  • Views: 4393 I was a bit shocked tonight when I started getting flooded with people messaging me asking if i'd seen the new videos by BPEarthwatch and Dahboo7. I checked out the videos and saw they found the same information I'd found and talked about a month ago. I did two videos on it. One - on the shapes of the raw data and two - how that shape has been appearing in the Sun this year. Seeing as how this event could end up being actual DOOM I don't think it matters who found it or when and Dahboo7 is always cool with me, I'm a big fan of his work. But it hurts my feelings that BPEarthwatch and J7409 have me blocked. Uh....what for dudes and dudettes? I also fans of y'alls works and enjoy your videos. The only reason I can even think y'all would have me blocked is because y'all would be worried I'd steal your ISON video ideas. Oh, the irony. Why does the Truther community have such a hard time working together as a team? I guess it's just like America, where EGO will be its own downfall. The Sunset in Texas was Red today. So it matters very little no?Peace out. God bless everyone. Oh the adventures of Comet c2012 s1 ISON never get boring.

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