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  • sundoom
  • uploaded: Aug 20, 2013
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This is re uploaded because the link was broken or sabotaged.The Moon's path actually does hug more closely to the ecliptic than to the celestial equator. Yes, the plane of the Moon's orbit is inclined by an average of 5.15 to the ecliptic. and yes, the celestial equator is inclined by 23.44 to the ecliptic. The nodes (points at which the Moon's path and the ecliptic intersect) retrogress through the ecliptic with a period of 18.6 years. In 2006 the inclination of the Moon's orbit relative to the equator was at a maximum of nearly 29. In 2015 it should reach a minimum of about 18. So, in case someone tries to talk over your head the fact of the matter is that the moon should never be more than 5 degrees off of the ecliptic. Venus is great indicator in this regard. If the moon is 30 degrees away from venus.... there is a problem.Here was the predicted path of the moon in August.http://www.curtrenz.com/moon12.html You tell me if its variation off the ecliptic changed.

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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u August 20, 2013 1:19:41 AM CEST

    Oh my God. They post this video again. Probably they still don't understand that the general audience on Disclose TV is not that stupid to swallow this kind of nonsense..
    As I stated in my previous comment, there is nothing wrong with the inclination of the moon of 37* in 12 days. It is actually 39° in 14 days.
    But because we come closer to moon minor standstill, in 2015 to be precise, the altitude will be bit less, namely 37° in 14 days from low to high and again in 14 days 37° from high to low, all together in one lunar orbit around the earth.
    In 2025 it will be lunar mayor standstill. Than the shift of the moon's altitude will be 57° in 14 days.
    So no alert, and oh my God, it is just the way the moon behaves.
    What is obviously, is that they have little knowledge of astronomy.

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