Food Monitoring In Wake Of Ongoing Fukushima Disaster July 2013

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Published on Aug 12, 2013 BY: conradmillermd PLEASE SUB TO THIS CHANNELOur food: pistachios, fish, tea, seaweeds, grass that cattle (meat) consume - is being contaminated by the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster as 10 MILLION becquerels per hour of cesium (plus 100's of other radionuclides) continue running out of destroyed Units 1-3 into the groundwater, rivers, then Pacific Ocean, contaminating fish and other life forms. Food limits for contamination: Japan (100 bq per kg) vs USA (1200 bq per kg) starts 4:22 in video; toxicities, effects on our bodies, especially the heart starts 6:21. AMA recommends continuing monitoring of edible fish, as monitoring has been curtailed since the nuclear disaster began March 11, 2011 while the severe radioactive leaking continues unabated

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