Syrian Army Gaining More Ground From Insurgents Syria

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The situation remains tense in the industrial block that separates Qaboun and Jobar areas in Damascus. Snipers from both sides will target anything moving. Entering the area is only possible through a secured path made up of a maze of holes in the walls between abandoned factories. This is the main warehouse of the Damascus Electricity Establishment where electricity generators used to be kept. Syrian army is now in control of this establishment and continues to push back foreign backed militants who are trying to infiltrate the area from Jobar. In July, insurgents attacked and took control of the facility. They sabotaged the offices and all electrical devices in the building. This establishment borders al-Abbasiyeen square and parts of Jobar; the area that militants sneaked in from. As soon the establishment was secured, electricity workers started repairing the damages and cleaning up what the militants had destroyed. Meanwhile, some TV channels broadcast news claiming that militants took control of the al-Qadam railway station in Damascus. However, an official Syrian source denied such news as false. Press TV camera also headed to the station and filmed some clips showing that the station is still controlled by the Syrian army.

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