Another reason to love the Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson! He's Pro-Life! :)

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 22, 2013
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Another Reason To love Duck Dynasty's! He's Pro-Life! God Bless him! My family and I love to watch Duck Dynasty! It's so nice and refreshing to see a show become so popular that actually features a real family that believes in God, is not ashamed of their faith, who like to have fun while still living an honest and moral life. That is extremely rare in today's world and has been for some time now unfortunately, unless it is made by and shown only on a specialized Christian network. While I was surfing on Youtube not to long ago I found this video of Phil Robertson giving a speech about his faith and other issues in our world today. In it he spoke about the decline of your country morally in so many ways, including abortion! I wanted to share that part of his speech with you. Way to go Phil! I found yet one more reason to love Duck Dynasty they are Pro-life! :)I do not own this video I am only sharing this one clip from his speech. You can watch the entire speech at the link note NO comments with foul language will be approved. Cursing and blasphemy will not be allowed in any way shape or form. Thank you to all of you for sharing this, commenting, and for standing for what is right! God bless you.

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