Answer Five Questions About My Channel - Video Response Tag From 10yearvet

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Aug 22, 2013
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Answer five questions about my channel. Video response tag from 10yearvet. Has the answer to question 4 in description below happened to you?The five questions:1. What does your channel name mean?2. Why do you YouTube?3. What do you like about YouTube?4. What do you dislike about YouTube? Don't get me started. LOL!On second thought, in response to question 4, is anyone experiencing the following issue when trying to post a comment to a person's discussion page, such as "thanks for subscribing."?When I click the post button, instead of posting the comment to the discussion page, a window pops up attempting to download something to the downloads folder on my PC. I'd like YT to fix that if they wouldn't mind. It started with this new ONE design. I feel quite uneasy when I see something trying to download files to my computer without my permission and It's making me afraid to thank folks for subscribing to my channel for fear some malware is being downloaded to my computer from who knows where. Unless you have downloads blocked or require permission to download you probably don't even notice it's doing What do you want for your YouTube channel?Thanks for the tag Jay, 10yearvet self reliance, gardening, and diy channel: 'm tagging:james prigioni permaculture, natural and sustainable gardening methods channel: Gardener gardening and cooking channel: Toolz gardening and do it yourself channel: channel is "Michigan Wilderness" MiWilderness foraging, gardening, hunting, fishing, bushcraft, survival, prepping, diy, self reliance, and whatever else sounds fun and interesting or somehow useful in a world without technology that tries to download stuff to my computer channel: me on Facebook for watching, commenting, subscribing to, and supporting this channel. If you like this video please give a thumbs up and share it with others. If you have any questions or tips please leave a Bless!

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