Pole shift news update, possible false flag attack

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 22, 2013
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buy mavstar a beer guys had a little rant with this one, could it be a false flag event coming soon, all i can say is it would have to be very convincing if there is, lets face it they got away with 9/11 scot free, Iraq, Suxnet Virus in Irans nuclear power station, killing Bin Larden with out a trial or a jury which is the law of the USA that states you must be convicted of a crime before your found guilty and punishable for it, allowing Isreal to kill members of the foltilla aid ships in international waters, selling arms to Libyans to over throw Gaddaffi, selling arms to Sirrea, i could list them all day long guys, those dark forces could pull of this attack and they would get away with it too, you have no idea what their thinking and what their capable of, but who gave them power in the first place? thats right OURSELVES we the people, we're in the hands of fate from here on out guys, just hope the grace of god is with you and your loved Gene

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