Amphibious landing craft docks at crowded beach in Russia

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Aug 22, 2013
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A shocked crowd of holiday-makers at a beach near Russia's western city of Kaliningrad had to make way for a landing craft carrier which unexpectedly slid onto the shore on its air cushion. The video of the incident, taken by one of the beach-goers, was posted online on Tuesday. It features the amphibious landing craft "Zubr" ("Bison"), sailing on its air cushion, raising huge waves and a making loud noise as it approached a crowded beach in Mechnikovo, Kaliningrad region and eventually slid onto the shore packed with people. No one was hurt in the incident, following which marines descended from the vessel and cordoned it off. Russia's Ministry of Defense explained the ship was out for a regular drill and said the beach actually belonged to the military.

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