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Wednesday morning, reports surfaced that a deadly chemical weapons attack had taken place in Syria. Reports told of the release of poison gas in a suburb of Damascus. Opposition forces declared that the government of Bashar Al-Assad was to blame, and that this was a violation of international law. The Syrian government has denied this, saying it had nothing to do with this alleged attack. Damascus also described the allegations as "untrue." Eduardo Del Buey, spokesperson for the U-N Secretary-General spoke about the alleged chemical attack at a briefing. The alleged chemical attack in Syria has raised many questions. A United Nations Chemical Weapons Inspection team is currently in Syria, at the request of the Syrian government, investigating Obama's allegations against the Assad government. Rolf Ekeus, a former U.N. weapons inspector declared his suspicion about the reports, saying "It would be very peculiar if it was the government to do this at the exact moment the international inspectors come into the the least, it wouldn't be very clever." Not only did the attack take place at the very time U.N. weapons inspectors arrived in Syria, but it took place in very close proximity to where the inspection teams are currently working. The number of people killed is also a source of confusion. Initial reports estimated that somewhere near two hundred people were killed. Other reports have surfaced estimating the number dead to be well over one thousand. Even further reports have declared that only dozens of people were killed. Ake Sellstrom, the leader of the United Nations weapons inspection team in Syria, said that he had only seen television images of the alleged attack and that "the high numbers of wounded and dead they are speaking about sounds suspicious." While it remains unclear whether the Syrian government even possesses chemical weapons, Carla Del Ponte, a United Human Rights Investigator confirmed that the opposition indeed has chemical weapons, and has used them. While reports that Syrian government possesses chemical weapons are unclear, it's almost universally acknowledged that the such weapons are in the possession of Syrian insurgent forces. In June, the Israeli Intelligence News Agency called "Debka" reported that the Syrian rebels were in possession of Sarin Nerve gas. The reports of the insurgent forces possessing and using chemical weapons have been largely ignored by the U.S. media, and the Obama administration. U.S. President Obama has declared that the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the government, is a "red line" that can justify direct U.S. intervention. U.S. support has been flowing to the rebels for many months, most of it coming indirectly through Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. While the sources that oppose the Assad government are blaming him for the recent alleged attack, many others are wondering whether or not this is a false flag operation.

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