John5v1-3:- This Bethsada Pool of Mercy is in the Punjab called Amrit Srovar. Golden Temple is standing in this Pool.

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John5v1-3:- This Bethsada Pool of Mercy is in the Punjab called Amrit Srovar.

Daily Bible Reading from
August 22, 2013 - English Standard Version

John 5:1-18

The Healing at the Pool on the Sabbath

1 After this there was a feast of the Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 2 Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, in Aramaic called Bethesda, which has five roofed colonnades. These Five are concerned with the purity of soul that leads you to serve God only. These Five are mentioned in the Bible that from now on in this Dark Age, there are Five in a House, our physical body. Two against three and three against two. Three, Immorality called KAAM, Anger, Karodhh, Haughtiness, Hankaar are of Ego called Haumae in Punjabi and two, Greed, Lobhh and worldly attractions, the third temptation of Satan to Jesus that forget about God and serve me as the ruler of the world as Pope is doing, are of Mind called Munn in Punjabi. When you overpower these Five as the Samaritan Woman at well in John4 had done, then you are spiritually sealed to serve God or totally purified. This Pool is now in the Punjab called Amrit Srovar in which the Replacement of the destroyed Jerusalem Holiest of Holy whose curtain was rendered apart by Jesus to get rid of these dog-collared Priests of Anti-Christ Pope and his stooges, Protestant, Methodists, etc. stands. What gold has to do with God? It is the most corrupt place in the world and the Last Christ on earth Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji cursed the people of Amritsar as AMRITSARYAE ANDAR SARRIYAE, meaning that the people of Amritsar shall be the greatest crook hypocrites in the world. In this Pool was cured a devoted man of God with Leprosy. His wife was the daughter of a King who believed that all worldy comforts come from God and not from men. So, in anger her father married her to a leprosy man and she accepted his father’s will with pleasure.In Jesus, we have been moved from the brick-built Synagogues made by human hands for the Rabbi, a Priest of Moses or teacher of the moral laws, to the Temple of God made by Nature where the Christ, our Royal Priest greater than John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah, called Innerman is sitting in your heart that leads your life to Salvation through Preaching Gospel. Thus, with Christ in our hearts, we are solitary capable of entering into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father. This Vineyard has a Narrow Gate for the solitary and through grace you find this Gate. In Jesus, we have Fellowship of Royal Priests and those who employ Hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Moses for Prayer and fasting, the old rituals in Moses are Anti-Christs annulling the Sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God. Technical help needed.

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