The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Syrian rebels launched a mortar attack on a convoy carrying Bashar al-Assad early on Thursday ug/08/syria-bashar-al-assad-rebel-attack ISON's average speed throughout August will be 60,462mph. It will continue to accelerate There are 116 days, 21 hours, 54 minutes and 13 seconds until perihelion of Comet ISON Perihelion is due to occur on 28 November 2013, at 18:40:47 UTC (Perihelion time via JPL - updated on July 29, 2013) Comet ISON is currently 243,333,119 miles (2.617729 AU) from the Sun, and travelling at 58,201.55 mph (26.02 km/s) Earth Distance: 333,714,564 miles (3.590035 AU) Constellation: Cancer Comet ISON's size to be around 3 miles in diameter Comet ISON is due to pass within 800,000 miles of the Sun later this year on November 28th

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