8-23-13 Bill Ballard The 8-25-13 Cosmic Merkabah and The Mechanics of Ascension

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On 8/25/13 we have the 2nd cosmic Merkabah in the stars in one WOWZERS! So much help is being given for our personal and collective ascension process. Some persons remained focused exterior and on Archons they say is controlling the timelines and this planet. IF you choose to focus on those things, then YES, you too are giving your power to them at this most critical time, rather than using it to create YOUR TIMELINE for YOUR FUTURE AND YOUR DESIGN FOR HEAVEN ON EARTH! Please try to comprehend the "Mechanics of Ascension" as well as these Cosmic Tools given to aid in that process, as this 2nd Merkabah, the CMEs, as well as the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth collapsing. All the tools you can imagine are being given to us, IF WE USE THEM PROPERLY!Stay focused in your OWN HEART and Field! Attune to the Great Spirit YOU TRULY ARE, rather than that little ego that has you worried about someone controlling your being and That worry IS giving away your power!LOVE!Bill BallardDonations for my work are always appreciated via Paypal to: pearls2u@ Ebook "The Great Awakening"

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