World War III

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  • Views: 175 A car bomb killed at least 22 people and wounded over 150 in Beirut Thursday, a stronghold of Hezbollah Hezbollah announced it was fighting Syrian rebels alongside forces loyal to President Bashar Assad Syria San Francisco on high-alert after government agencies report of terror threat California Monday marked the first time that mobile phone users were notified of a statewide Amber Alert in California California Barack Obama delivers remarks during his visit at Camp Pendleton Al-Qaeda's leaders were on the ropes, His remarks to around 3,000 Marines at Camp Pendleton military base in California 23 hours ago - The Seattle Times ... and residents said, as the Arab nation remained on high alert following threats of a terror attack targeting Western of government interests Out of the darkness the sign of the Antichrist will be Seen The 'gigantic hole' in the SUN rticle-2380823/The-gigantic-hole-SUN-thats-firing-solar-material-space-spotted-spacecraft.html Ison Will Mark the start of The Antichrist reign for three and half years (the Beast Russia) Ison is also a Sign that God as Closed His Eyes on Mankind and God has given the authority to The Antichrist to Kill I see a weather satellite moved from Orbit in Jan 14 at the same time two Suns appear on a day a full Moon comes not Dec 26th as Nostradamus called for Small Wars will start with Israel Iran Syria with Russia looking over the Fence with the Red Dragon with a false pope and a true pope reigning at the same time War will come to Turkey's Door They will Seek advice from The United Nations Cyprus Greece Turkey unrest is seen Hezbollah Lebanon unrest is seen Iran and Syria ask help from Russia and China Ships of all sizes face each other in the Mediterranean waiting for the Sign from the Antichrist of Murder of 3 Belgrade, Frankfurt, Ruhr district, Prague, The Red Dragon Invades Alaska and Canada but Has Plans of her Own without the Bear, One will Deceive the other only at the End Will they Know the Truth Before World War III The world will be in a financial mess Even More and property and lives will be lost Luxembourg Spain Portugal Greece Indonesia Russia Will be seen helping fight Hunger and Famine in Madagascar Tanzanian Namibia and even China The sign of the cross will be seen in the sky it will be seen by all round the world but Israel will Make Plans for War with the help from the sun and the Red moon People call Nostradamus in December but it's not true till the FIRST FULL MOON IF YOU KNOW YOUR Father's Father's Name YOU WILL BE SAVED I keep Hearing The heavens will show the signs all though 2014 people will look but will not see, the cleaning like not seen before since times of Noah will begin in 2015 AFTER THE War The Antichrist There will be a very Early and beautiful Summer Evening the Air will be still, the sound is Silent I smell the flowers but the birds don't sing there is a stillness in the Air as if Nature knows what will happen, No wind and a coolness as I stand there still No Sound Then the Wars turns to World War 3 The War will begin on a Rainy night at Midnight in around September 23 0r Oct. 23 2014 around this time Radical Islamist Muslims who will invade Israel under the leadership of Russia then a terrible, bloody war will start in a heartbeat the enemy will come from the East like a rolling cloud the tanks will come at Midnight, from the North, and then from the East Russia will March upon all the Nations of Europe with the Army of Sackcloth The conflict, in which one half the world will Oppose the other half, the war will not be of long duration all countries to the East and West will be laid desolate Sackcloth will rob the Church of Rome and the clergy of all their possessions and will Butcher them and Hang them Like Bacon with MANY corpses of men women and children Sackcloth will Rob the Church of Paris and the clergy of all their possessions and will Butcher them and behead them The Russian people shall have a desperate civil war The French people shall have a desperate civil war The Italian People shall have a desperate civil war and the Pope will abandon Rome while the churches burn for twenty-five months Then The Muslims are on the Run the last desperate act of the Antichrist is to send a gigantic

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