Comet ISON - This Joker is Wild

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 24, 2013
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The Comet of the Century is already living up to its billing as the drama and suspense heightens as Comet c2012 s1 ISON enter's the inner Solar System and makes its way towards Mars and the Frost Line. India is holding a three day workshop on Comet Ison in an attempt the study ISON's odd shape and shell more. Plus, India is looking to get college kids into and excited about celestial mechanics and the scientific mind. We are all still patiently waiting on the new photographs from the scientists who ran the Deep Impact satellite imaging of our favorite dirty snow ball on August 9th & 10th. A Hard Core amateur Astronomer explained to me that it is very hard to process a photograph and it is not one of their top priorities. Also, their HiRise Camera stationed around Mars was scheduled to photograph our double dusty like dragon on the 20th of August. Relax, they say 'It's just Parallax, now have a coke and a snickers and chillax to the max' or something like that. This is a totally normal* comet and it seems our imaginations have run off with some hot pixelating Hubble Moving and shaking, plus you've got to focus on the foreground or back ground. So there's that. Hey, was that even a complete sentence? Oh. Earth. We stand by 're really treading on some weird turf these days. Comets a like a box of chocolate cats, you never know what you're going to - Awesome NEO old School - I remember when Jedis were ' skynet. Stay cool, y'

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