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Unsealed Conspiracy Files S01E18 Secret Alien Attack


  • Temps13#

    Temps13 August 30, 2013 4:35:56 AM CEST

    "..the forces of some other..planetary galaxy" says some U.S.politician..is that even the right term? a planetary galaxy...& is there really 700 thousand people missing a year in America?
    This is a trashy episode though,the way it speaks of majestic 12 & shows a clip of some other group..the way it presents a lot of bullshit as fact..like mj12's alleged binary signal to ets that was picked up by zeta reticula & the resulting agreement..this is only some whack theory unsupported by any facts..Im not debunking ufology,just this episode shows the series is heading in a more trashy direction

  • Jovicevic#

    Jovicevic August 26, 2013 3:17:12 PM CEST

    Among many things said on the subject, one standing apart, as much I understand it. Primary, or mostly, Aliens were (are) interested in our software - not just computer science programming and programs, but all of our capabilities to create precise, detailed and improvable tools to command appliances, vehicles, computers, medical instruments etc. Because their bio-natural, as it is, technology, created from very core, elementary parts, materials always lean to it natural distinctive features, simply lacking performance in domain of complicated structures aimed to deliver complexity in manageability. Just for example: If someone recalls story how interior of supposed Bob Lazar's UFO has been presented (by Lazar's own words), in-there were nothing much to see, apart minimalistic, crude, elementary systems, not colored, not assembled from different materials, parts, nor differentiated by purpose. In short, whole UFO kept natural characteristic of materials propelled by natural world strength and powers (long, multi-millennial experience in usage) "nothing else" - we had to remember their outstanding capabilities.

  • Jovicevic#

    Jovicevic August 26, 2013 2:01:15 PM CEST

    More than once, presidents preceding Reagan or following him in White House, like Carter and Bill Clinton, demanding data about extraterrestrials, UFO complex, and possible contacts or falling vehicles (likewise Roswell) - and get nothing. Not from FBI, CIA or NSA. Same destiny hits Congressional and senatorial investigations. So, now we heard about Reagan document about same thing, briefing paper created after dialog between president and CIA director W. Casey (if I spell correctly). Something is wrong - Bill Clinton talking abut subject openly, he has never intended to hide much about it. And president Carter experienced close encounter on his own, so he has no reason to lie - even for highest safety reasons. He did not lied even on Black hawk disaster (apart from being silent about some parts of the drama, much longer than it should be). Beside it, some White House employees talking about secrets, pass to president only short time after inauguration, maybe even together with famous "atomic button case", considering Alien matters - but no one confirm such thing ever. Legendary stuff, before all.

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