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Liquid Armor


This amazing shear thickening fluid is the secret of stab-proof many viewers have pointed out in the comment section, this is a non-newtonian fluid. It works very much like Oobleck, cornstarch in water. See for a long list of mixtures that have similar properties at various strength. In this military grade non-Newtonian fluid, cornstarch is replaced with silica, water is replaced with polyethylene glycol. Watch at time mark 4:43 closely and notice that the free hanging bottle did not drop. It means that the liquid reacts to force as low as Earth's gravity. He had to hold the bottle and free the rod with less force than video does not tell how to keep this solution in liquid form over time. It will probably lose its shielding property when the liquid dry an old episode of Science Channel's Cool Stuff TV show. Discovery Communications own the copyright of this clip from the Cool Stuff TV show. Show your support by subscribing to Discover Channel, Science Channel and TLC. They are my favorite channels and my reason to subscribe to cable subscribe to

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  • Spikey#

    Spikey August 25, 2013 9:25:46 PM CEST

    If the liquid is protected from outside environment / air, it should stay liquid permanently, as the PG element can't dry out or escape the vest material.

    If it get's punctured it's a different story, but then again, it shouldn't get punctured in the first place.

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