COMET ISON UNCOVERED Time For Disclosure Are You Ready 08-19-2013

This is for the haters, This video is my opinion, not stating as fact, so take it how you want but I speak whats on my mind without fear, more people should do it instead of trying to tread lightly if you got something on your mind SPEAK IT don't speak what you think everyone else wants to hear stay true to yourself Link to Image editor weather and chemtrail cams and telescope livestreaming @ Visit me @ Royalty Free Music By Someone asked me if this could be caused by parallax, someone also posted a video on my page with this theory, this is what I have to say: Parallax is displacement of the apparent position of an object viewed from two lines of sight. In order for this to be parallax you require 1 object (ISON) as seen from 2 lines of sight and measures the angle of inclination between those 2 lines, Hubble is only 1 line of sight, this could not and can not be parallax the parameters are just not there

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