UFO Sightings Last Interview With Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Roswell Crash New Mexico! 2013

  • Uploaded by Grey on Aug 27, 2013
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The LAST official interview with the man who actually held the wreckage from the most famous name in UFOlogy, the Roswell crash. In 1947, Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. (Ret.) as an 11 year old boy saw the wreckage his father, Jesse Marcel Sr. brought home on the way back from the Foster Ranch where 1 of the discs was found. In June 2013, Thirdphaseofmoon interviewed Jesse Marcel Jr. & his daughter live on thirdphaseofmoon radio Thursdays 8-10 pm EST (GMT-4) at & as fate would have it, this would be his last interview on the radio with his daughter as he passed away August 23, 2013. In its full uncut broadcast, enjoy this to mark the beginning of a new era: a disclosure movement led by his daughter Denice Marcel using the same courage that ran through the Marcel bloodline. Jesse Marcel Jr. inspired many & this man full of integrity & unimpeachable on every account told the truth of this historic event, never once wavering from his original account, detail to detail, everything remained the same until the end. His soul will live on forever & his impact in ufology will stay in the hearts of all. His name will forever be linked with the most famous event in UFO history & hence, will forever be earmarked as one of the truest of true heroes, side by side with his father Jesse Marcel Sr. Jesse Marcel Jr. will be missed by all & we at thirdphaseofmoon ask that everyone remember this historic man & what he stood for: truth. Sending our deepest condolences to all the Marcel family is being extended to you the public, leave remarks here about his final journey to the afterlife. In legacy, long live Col. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr & he will forever here on Thirdphaseofmoon.

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