France ratcheting up pressure on Syria over alleged chemical attack

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Many have criticized French President Francois Hollande for rushing to judgment, as he has openly blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for an alleged chemical attack despite having no concrete evidence to back up the claim. Syria has permitted UN inspectors to visit the site, and they are collecting data to determine who and what was behind a toxic attack which killed hundreds of people. Both sides of the Syrian conflict have denied responsibility. But many say that France is attempting to influence international opinion and create war hysteria so that the West can finally intervene militarily. Foreign Minister Fabius went on to say that he expects that the West will decide this week on whether or not to go to war in Syria. Many wonder if that gives the UN inspectors enough time to do their work, and many also wonder if the West truly cares about their results. Nearly all analysts believe that the Assad regime would have very little to gain by using chemical weapons, and very much to lose. But some say that from the beginning France, the former colonizer of Syria, has played the role of agitator instead of peace-maker. Analysts believe it's possible that foreign-backed insurgents may have committed the massacre in order to derail peace efforts. The opposition and their Western allies have already postponed a second peace conference in Geneva, but the UN has said it wants another round of talks to be held in October.

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