UFO PROVEN TO BE REAL: Flying Object Changes Shape over Brooklyn. VENUS or UFO? 8-13-10

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On August 13, 2010. GWETV reporter and President Philip Muhammad while conducting an interview with the 1st Female boxer out of Carnarsie Brooklyn (Melissa X), recorded a Flying object which changed shape and disguised itself as the planet Venus. One can only imagine how long it has fooled the population of the planet earth and also why is it now revealing its self all of the sudden. Could the folks at NASA detect this; did they know? In addition to the revelation this object was filmed moving as the camera was aimed between two telephone wires which served as reference points enabling us to determine direction of the flight path with extreme accuracy. What makes this video even more significant is that there was more than one witness to the effect. Melissa X is a rising star in the Boxing world and a true force to be reckoned with. Note: Philip Muhammad has a book on these experiences as well entitled "Journeys by Senistar" its available at www.lulu.com, Barnes & Nobles, and other outlets .

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