Mesmerized by the codes... OR in the matrix but not of it

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Edited for simplicity, some text added for clarifying. This is very esoteric and just my own way of looking at this stuff, so food for thought, tip of the iceberg really. Your imput is welcome. All of this can and will be expanded upon. I have done some vids on my main channel too (especially "Symbolism, Yin/Yang and the Subconscious") that go into this stuff as well. There is so much potential to this matrix that is being squashed right now because of the current expression of the architecture, it takes a very elastic mind with a lot of imagination infused to not get overly limited in this. Do not judge yourself for being stuck, but instead realize nothing is permanent. Watch out for the ID-entity (ego). As Rank says, "infinity exists, deal with it". You will never find the true God in the matrix codes, with form, but instead "God" really contains the codes and beyond. *Also, many of the symbols out there which are "negative" still have their place and purpose in the natural world and are perhaps being abused. More on that later. Destruction and death are not always "bad". Also, I feel that it is important to pay attention to what others are doing, and the codes and symbols, to reveal and deconstruct and create awareness. Maintain your discernment and sense of self and purpose though, and don't get sucked into the spells you are decoding! I didn't go into the whole "demiurge" subject in this either (which relates to the "fall" symbolism), and again, what I am talking about above is far more complex than a little talk can get into. PS for protoman, this vid was #137 on my drive lol PPS: Here is an old blog I wrote about "The Matrix" which I think also clears up and expands upon the way I view this, esp. the fractal aspect:***This vlog was inspired by Astrium Deus, and a comment he made on someone's video, here it is:"You have a first rate brain between your ears Monty. Its still not being used to its fullest. This is all small time stuff. You are all looking for the answers to your slavery. To that knawing spectre of Ignorance. Why? Why? Why is this all happening? Blah blah blah. Whineing children crying for cookies. All that crap is put there for you to find. To distract you with stupid numbers and stupid events to distract you. That is it. Its too simple for your complex brains to grasp."

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