F-117 Nighthawk video

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The F-117 Nighthawk, another of the line of genius that was Kelly Johnson, Ben Johnson, and the Lockheed Skunk Works. Though designated "F" for Fighter, the F-117 was a light bomber. The F-117 is a mission specific stealth aircraft whose sole purpose is to penetrate enemy defenses and strike high priority targets such as command and control centers. This aircraft could never fly without the advanced computer flight control systems which constantly make corrections in flight far faster than any human could. Without the flight control computers this is a flying brick! Among the published low radar profile components, even birds show up on radar, are the unique angular shapes, no right angles and a parabolic shaped underside to the aircraft. Even the cockpit glass is special to deflect radar energy. The F-117 has no active radar and no guns, as either would emit energy which could identify the location of the aircraft and make it vulnerable to attack. Ths aircraft is not high speed nor is it highly maneuverable, it relys on stealth to get to the target, deploy weapons and depart the area undetected. The F-117 flew nightly operations right over the top of the "UFO observors" around Groom Lake (Area 51), and not one of those so called experts saw a thing. A true testament to the effectiveness of the shape and design of the to UMG Music for allowing the use of thier copyrighted musicSee this and hundreds of other selected aviation videos on my

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