BILL O'REILLY Battles Military Analysts

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Military Analysts Battle O'Reilly Over Syria At a news conference in Damascus, al-Moallem challenged Washington to present proof to back up its accusations and he also likened the allegations to false American charges in 2003 that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of that country."They have a history of lies -- Iraq," he President Joe Biden said there was no question that Assad was responsible for the attack -- the highest-ranking official to say so -- and the White House dismissed as "fanciful" the notion that anyone other than Assad could be to blame."Suggestions that there's any doubt about who's responsible for this are as preposterous as a suggestion that the attack did not occur," spokesman Jay Carney official said some of the evidence includes signals intelligence -- information gathered from intercepted communications. The assessment is also based on the number of reported victims, the symptoms of those injured or killed, and witness accounts. The officials insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the internal United Nations said its team of chemical weapons experts in Syria had delayed a second trip to investigate the alleged attack by one day for security reasons. On Monday, the team came under sniper Obama decides to order an attack against Syria, it would most likely involve sea-launched cruise missile attacks on Syrian military and communications Navy has four destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea within range of targets inside Syria. The also has warplanes in the Cyprus, Defense Minister Fotis Fotiou said naval traffic in the eastern Mediterranean was very heavy with vessels from "all the major powers." He also said Cypriot authorities were planning to deal with a possible exodus of foreign nationals from military intervention in Syria was running into fierce opposition from some members of Congress. A growing chorus of Republican and Democratic lawmakers demanded that Obama seek congressional authorization for any strikes against the Assad Heyman, a former British officer who edits The Armed Forces of the UK, said the lack of a Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force against the Syrian government greatly complicates matters for the West. He said that may make it difficult for Cameron to win parliamentary backing."It's clear the governments want some form of military operation, but if the Security Council doesn't recommend it, then the consensus is that it's plainly illegal under international law," Heyman said. "The only legal way to go to war is in self-defense and that claim is difficult to make."Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, has steadfastly opposed any international action against Syria.

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