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UFO Replicas and Crash site at the UFO Watchtower, CO

Come on by the UFO WatchTower for some interesting chit chat about ufos, aliens, abductions, paranormal, and just about everything else in the cosmos! You never know who you will run into at the UFO WatchTower for a little conversation!!SEE MORE at or 2/ miles Hooper, CO on HWY 17Watch for the ALIEN signs!"Coming to you from the heart of theMystical San Luis Valley"... NO LIGHT POLLUTIONSaguache County, Colorado USAVisit the UFO Watchtower Website at: about Recorded UFO sightings and more!The UFO Conference is held here!The Amazing Book about the UFO Watchtower: "That Crazy Lady Down the Road" - by Judy Messoline is now for sale!!All orders from this website will receive free shipping. (USA ONLY free shipping) Send payment of $ to UFO Watchtower, PO Box 522, Hooper, CO 81136, or we will accept Paypal sent to ufowatchtower@ Those who wish to use a credit card can call Judy at 719-378-2296. Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. Read about the experiences at the UFO Watchtower and stories from other places as well. A real eye opener!!Help keep the UFO Watchtower DONATIONS to: Paypal sent to ufowatchtower@ -UFO Box 522Hooper, CO 81136Also Needed are items like: military night vision equipment black helicoptor acess hatch large nautical compass gieger counter heavy duty metal detector steel benches/seatbealts flying objects of all kinds biohazard suits phonebooth playground equipment aerial photos of the valley FLAGs military-american-pow-mia chairs BIG satellite dishes picnic tables moonrocks seismograph equipment dollars & cents star charts/maps 55 gallon drums of outdoor silver reflective paint merry-go-round reflective vinyl jet packs weather balloons helium golf carts 4-wheeler/trailer lazers light beamufowatchtower,watchtower,UFO WATCHTOWER,UFOS,ALIENS,graphic,Horse MUTILATIONs,cattle mutilations,SNIPPY,colorado,ufo,abductions,sightings,paranormal,graphic pictures,UFOlympics,San Luis Valley,Saguache County, underground tunnel,tracker,crazy lady down the road, Judy Messoline, healing garden, rock garden,intergalatic, UFO Nut, bigfoot, Jim Hickman, , no light pollution,Great Sand Dunes,Alamosa,camping,skippy the horse,chemtails,ufo crash site,missle testing,alien landing,RV today,vortex,reptilian,rods, magnetic, spacebrothers,,portal,gateway, rockgarden,rocks,colored rocks,meteor showers,telescope,sneila, ,defence device,cook out,alligator farm,skyWatch,StarTrek,planet,CAMPING,HOOPER,VIEWING,OBSERVE,CRESTONE,TOWER,ANCIENTCITIES,PROPHECY,MOUNTAINS,SPIRITUAL,OFFWORLD,PRIMATIVE,WILDLIFE,SANCTUARIES,HIKINGBIKING,PHYCHIC,FESTIVALS,GIFTS,PARKING,STARWARS,STARS,PLANETS,COMET,TELESCOPE,PICNIC,BBQ,HIGHLANDER CATTLE,METEOR,SPACESHIP,CRAFT, EXTRATERESTIALS,EBE,AREA51,ROSWELL,CRASH,MARFA,MUFON,METAPHYSICAL,MUSICFESTIVAL,PYRAMID,TEMPLE,UNUSUAL,WEIRD,COOL,FUN,EXCITING,ADVENTURE,SKING,ASTRONOMY,CHACO CANYON,MESA VERDE,HOOPER,MOFFAT, CATTLE MUTILATIONS,BLACK HELICOPTERS,Chris O'brien,nbc,abc,FOXNEWS,radio controlled planes,stargate,time travel,disclosure project,ufoseek, tunnel,big foot,national park,state park,ufonut,crestone,crash site,tapten,weather station,ufowisconsin,GOVERNMENT,.gov,.mil,.navy,.army,X-FILE,FIRST WAVE,12TH PLANET, DARK SKIES,ART BELL,BEAM ME Watch,spy,phone,tools,computers,internet,secret,all,concentrator, sembach,government,midi,cobra,databases,paranormal,ufos,weird,science,weird science,area 51,cosmic,test,proxy, psychic streak,center lane,grill flame,ucia,star gate ,remote viewing,silver veil,DTIC,remote sensing,paranormal, psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient,occult,religion,mil,NSA,NRL,medical,Air Force,Army,Navy,research, ,dulce,newsletter,reverse speech,Lockheed-Martin,CIA,MJ-12,montauk,MUFON,NASA,mars,AFMC,BNL,NIMA,TRV,psi-tech,Dames,bugging,Taos hum,rcoh,recording,shadie pines,government,MI-5,ncsc,Oddo, paranormal,forest service,SRI,remote viewing,privacy,stealth,elevon,lockpicking,spy,roswell,NOLA,UAV,chat,NIPR,hacking,spy,stealth,unclassified,statedept,sedona,newsletter,locksmith,ojo,mmn,NAVY,CIA,AIS,CID, national security,secret,CRV,internet,roget,surveillence,weird,DourifUFO,mars society,JCS,mugu, china lake,ham radio,law,psiops,black projects,MIB,FOIA,hoaxes,hack, hacking,Nibiru,amateur radio,strange universe,forum,chat,Private Investigators,NET- CIA,crop circles, science, computer components,Investigative Services,PI Associations,Detective Agencies,USAF,phone,circuits,Directory,Reverse Speech,UFO,Pentagon,,Army,MILNET,NSA

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