8/28/2013 -- Weather Modification Conference - NOAA & Idaho Power Cloud Seeding - Spring 2013

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WTWMA - West Texas Weather Modification Association held this meeting in San Antonio, TX , April video footage was shot by our community reporter - JNRreports , -- this is just another part of a series (about 10 hours of footage) from this particular weather modification (we) sent JNReports to Texas for this weather modification conference, as part of our documentary "Genetically Modified Society". Due to time constraints in the documentary (already at 1hr 30min), we were unable to include a lot of the data from the conferences portion of the presentation covers AgI seeding (silver iodide cloud seeding) , the studies done by scientists from NOAA along with Idaho Power, also covers methods of dispersal, as well as results of past weather modification seeding pentacle can be seen at 4min is the website of the Texas association which held the conference: on Idaho Power cloud seeding:video here - from Idaho government site: again to my viewers who donated to allow JNReports to travel to these conferences , to obtain this original footage. Hear it from the mouths of the professionals in the industry. Weather Modification using aerosol distribution via airplane, and ground based plume generators.

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