9/11 Laura Mansfield - The Fake Name Behind The Fake Al Qaeda Videos

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Aug 29, 2013
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"Laura Mansfield", a fake name for an obvious intelligence agent, a prime source of highly suspicious Al-Qaeda terror messages and videos gotten under even more suspicious circumstances, even appearing with them BEFORE Al-Qaeda and the worlds intelligence agencies .... MULTIPLE TIMES. The odds are like like being struck by lightning 20 times or winning the lottery 20 times. The odds are astronomical this tale is even possible. Out of billion human beings, this lady with a fake name, misleading us about her role as a nobody part-time Jihad hobby mom, comes up with key terror evidence again and again and again and again. Supernatural even. The source of the videos being fake, the news always disclaims they cannot confirm the validity of the videos. If the source is highly suspicious and cannot be confirmed ever, then the videos must also be considered highly suspicious and most likely fake. Al-Sahab does not upload its messages its own website or to popular video websites where it will be seen the most, it uploads them to "Laura's" website. Not very hard to figure out when her collection seen in its entirety and in context of the full 9/11 truth. If Laura is fake, then the videos she has produced, that nobody officially will confirm as real, have to also be considered Mansfield video 'leaked' four days before jihadists plan to post it online: and the 7/7 Bombings: 7/7: Blitz on Britain: WEB WARNING; Terror Expert: I Saw Tube Maps and London Bus Pic on Al-Qaeda Hate Site Months Ago. and I Told US Spy Chiefs All about Them +Blitz+On+Britain%3A+WEB+WARNING%3B+EXCLUSIVE+Terror+expert%3A+I+

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