Did NASA know about Comet ISON in 2008?

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In part 27 we take a look at a brand new conspiracy I've put together all by myself, it's the next chapter in all the evidence of how worried NASA the ESA and the IAU might be about exactly how much dust ISON is spewing out per second. Also, we briefly touch on the August 9th &10th Deep Impact space craft photographs and the HiRise rover 20th of August photographs that are still no where to be found. And, I cry into my beer some and seek to cry on your shoulder as I lose two astronomer friends. They are too cool for school and a youtube peasant pseudo-astronomer like me. But worry not! Apollo 17 is the story here and it is quite a cool one. 1972 the last time a Man landed on the La Luna. That's pretty cool. And hey, 36 years later NASA is sending up a kick ass robot to finish its business*. Hey, hey LADEE! I didn't cover the flying V from the Hubble in this one because at this point its been covered pretty well, nor did I show a bunch of new amateur astronomer photos because they don't show much we don't already hey. This story gets more interesting every minute. So I'd like you to use your imagination and think about THOR and THORnews' new grand Real doom has always been in the it breaking up and flinging it's broken core at Earth like a shotgun. Or ISON being a total trick hoax to stop us from paying attention to all the wars and the state of the economy. But who knows, ya know?I don't know if this one is funny because each episode gets harder to do, not because of the source material, but because the subject becomes more serious every day it seems like. But in due time we will know if Comet c2012 s1 ISON is a dud a stud a space ship a neutron star a hoax planet x a blackhole with legs a hot space chick of none of the way, it has been fun. Thanks for sticking with me! tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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