Curiosity sol 71 incredible plants are proof of Mars Life! The best evidence to date that I have seen concerning Martian life, Curiosity sol 71 packs a mighty punch. Featured is an outcropping which is apparently covered with a vine-like plant, and other objects are covered by vegetation as well. Despite this evidence, however, the best evidence comes in the form of a solitary plant or group of plants, shown in striking detail in one photo. The plant(s) is nearly as clear as a plant in an Earth photo, and stems are visible and crisp shadows clearly show that these are leaves, raised up above the rock underneath. There can be no debate about this photo, because of the clarity of the evidence. It is game over, debunkers, you lose. I ask people to copy and distribute this video. Demand answers from your representatives now! To view original and modded photos, please visit link above, and drag and drop onto your desktop or folder.

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