China,Russia,US,& The Defense of Earth Space Program

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LaRouche states that we must have a "Science Driver Program" in place in order to secure the future survival of mankind. This must become a political discussion within the Congress as a national and extended international policy to Russia and...

LaRouche states that we must have a "Science Driver Program" in place in order to secure the future survival of mankind. This must become a political discussion within the Congress as a national and extended international policy to Russia and China.

In this video, science research team members discuss Obama's true intentions about NASA, and the prospects of setting up an asteroid and comet defense system. Lyndon LaRouche argues that we need a credible political pathway to victory in order to achieve our space exploration goals. Let the optimism of the recent Mars Lander and the future pathway that provides to putting human beings on mars, drive us to replace both Obama and Romney as our two prospective candidates. This prospect opens the doors to a New Presidency within the US to be represented as independent apart from the ruling shadow establishment.

Obama for a second term is not an option! Romney and Paul Ryan is not an Option!
So, who within the Congress will stand up and lead this nation as a real American President -to serve in the interest of the nation and the American people?

I call upon Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio for President and Tim Ryan (D) of Ohio for Vice President. Will any one else second the motion?

If you ever wondered, "What could I do to make a difference," well here is your chance. Write a letter to Dennis Kucinich and to Tim Ryan and tell them that America needs them to step up to represent American leadership and lead our nation.

I challenge every American to participate in this action ...write a simple letter from the heart. Imagine this as starting as a small grass-roots movement with 30 or 40 people writing this letter and send it; then imagine Tens of thousands people --to eventually several million Americans writing these letters to both of these potential candidates.

A simple letter would include the following points.

"I'm writing this letter on behalf of myself and the American people of the United States of America. Dennis take whatever actions necessary to become our next president" and consider Tim Ryan as your Vice President. We need to turn this nation around, stop and end all policies of war, and start collaborating with power-nations such as Russia and China in developing a real space program. This would open up a universal platform for every nation on this planet to work together in pursuing scientific and technological progress in the areas of advance economic systems that develop the world and space exploration programs as the common aims for mankind. We can make this a reality if we take the following measures:

In America Obama is an impediment to pursing these objectives as national polices from the US. Therefore, Obama must be removed from Office. Romney is not an option. Call several Governors from each State who you know will agree to support your effort, and get them to declare a State of Emergency in each State to support your presidency. I know I am asking you to accomplish the impossible, but if you manage to become the next standing president before the end of November 2012; your fist call to action is to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933; then repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913; then Establish National Banking under a Hamiltonian Credit System; then fund through the Federal Credit System -two major national projects: this first is the North America Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA) project as a national economic recovery program, and the second is set in stone a US Science Driver Space Program. Each State of the Union will receive an economic recovery bailout stimulate package of $70 billion. And from there onward, we restructure the housing market, create productive jobs for the American population.

The most important action that must be taken at the executive level as an Executive Order or a signed Deceleration of Independence from the Foreign State of Israel. America must divorce Israel. America must stop foreign funding and military aid programs to Israel. These actions would officially remove AIPAC the Pro-Israel Lobby out of the US Government and remove any or all Pro-Israel neo-cons from every institution and department of Government; this includes removing every Congressperson with dual citizenship from Israel and US. This also includes a US Military intervention to expropriate US News Media Network -Corporations Television and Press across the nation. This includes shutting down every terrorist cell organizations like the ADL associated with AIPAC. These are the necessary changes that must take place in America in order for America to become a Great Nation once again -shinning as a light of freedom for all of humanity. Know that you have our support, if you choose to take on this mission. God Bless you, Sir, and God Bless the Untied States of America

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