Russia trying to prevent possible military action against Syria

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As Western governments are considering a possible military strike on Syria, an information battle is also being waged against Damascus. Russian officials say the information reported by the Western mainstream media on Syria is misleading. Mitrofanov says the Syrian government has invited Russian State Duma deputies and Russian journalists to visit Syria to see the real situation. But this has to be agreed with the Russian leadership first. Mitrofanov also says that foreign governments are pursuing their own agenda in Syria. Meanwhile, Russian political analysts believe that a strike could be avoided, or at least not take place prior to the G20 leaders' summit in St Petersburg next week. They say the US should be cautious to avoid a further tragedy in the region. Experts say that there are plenty of voices in the West against an attack on Syria. The US is now treading on thin ice as even the public is against a military interference. Russia is making huge efforts to avoid a military intervention in Syria. In particular, top politicians are in regular contact with their US counterparts. Experts say that Russian/US relations will suffer if the US intervenes in Syria militarily.

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