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UFO Sightings UFO Landing Caught On Video? Two Exclusive Reports 2013 Breaking News!

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  • uploaded: Aug 31, 2013
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UFO sightings UFO Landing The New "Guardian" Smoking Gun Footage! Exclusive Report 2013! Thirdphaseofmoon Blake Cousins Interviews Via Skype UFO Hunter Joe Kiernan and Jim Martin! Call in Live Tonight 9pm Pacific Time 12 AM EST Martin UFO CA. Footage Kiernan Footage & UK Link you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Music by Eivind Bjordal & Paul Barrett KvfiveThirdphseofmoon Visit our new website

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  • stef#

    stef September 10, 2013 12:39:12 AM CEST

    blake this is an airplane with its landing gear down.see the flashing navigation light?
    raise the sensitivity on your fakeometer.you have alot of fakes in my opinion in your collection.i do believe in other life in the universe but in my opinion you need to be more attentive. dont believe anything at face value.

  • brysonwinder#

    brysonwinder September 1, 2013 4:11:56 PM CEST

    really people??
    1st one of a something flying around at night- is an old style prop plane we are seeing from the side view as it flys bye. Flashing light underneath on left side, cockpit in center top, side view of end of single wing plane with wing up front- right of cockpit, on top.
    Second one of the lights in a field is nothing more than a reflection of a light on the inside of a window or glass in a door. The lights move completely seperate of background movement and yu can never actaully see a ship or any metal or anything, you only see lights.
    Both are pitiful fakes in my book.

    And I usually believe more than I dont. I give the benefit of the doubt and lean towrds the explanation given by posters usually. but not this crap.

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