Giza Plateau Excavation Photos 2010

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X-Squared Radio publishes authorized exclusive photos of GIZA Plateau shaft dug to a treasure chamber below. The photographer is known to the host, but chooses to remain anonymous for safety reasons. - check - .... this fits with the statements of Edgar Cacey. That we would find the answers to creation under the Sphynx! The Hall of Records! Brooks AgnewPhD "This is under the RIGHT PAW of the Sphinx. This is about 100-150 feet away from the Sphinx. The depth is about 100 feet, if you count the excavation 4 stories to get to the opening. The first two times Bill Brown's GPR was sent down a hole, the equipment fried. He did capture an image of a chamber. The Egyptians are going for the ... See MoreHall." "A.R.E. is publishing disinformation about the dig. They are telling the public nothing is going on. Their source is lying to them. The Red Bull Event work is clearly NOT part of this dig. They are making millions of dollars in selling antiquities. If there is technology coming out of there, the amount could be hundreds of millions of dollars. The reputation of a nation (albeit young) at stake. " "The Egyptians didn't build GIZA. That much is well known now. "Share the youtube on your profile page. Most important these pics go viral. Get the truth out there!!!" "HURRY!! They may try to get this video off the web. Get this on your Profile page immediately. The truth must get out there."

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