2 New Comet ISON videos. Are they real? Are the fake? Strange frost line fake outs are a foot.

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Sep 1, 2013
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Comet ISON has turned into its Godzilla phase of this Two new sets of footage of Comet c2012 s1 ISON supposedly leaked from NASA. Or are they competent fakes from Greg Brady's brother? I don't know. It seems legit and the ground control chatter sounds legit but these days who knows? Thanks to RacerX for sending me the footage. You take a look at it and be the judge. Also I show the footage that came out earlier this week that screams FAKE HOAX even though it looks like the radar footage from binary Asteroid & Asteroids QE2 1998. But it feels false. Why did animators go to so much trouble to create such a cool Comet Nucleus with UFOs surrounding it? Who knows. It's all pretty FUBAR right now with the disinformation always coming in high and tight. Help me, help you. Year of the Comet?!So if this is not really ISON please use the power of forgiveness. Bless everyone! Stay 't let the bastards get you down!How is a star born? How is the solar system formed? How does a woman's mind work? Why did Miley Cyrus Twerk? Why is the Batphone disconnected? Can Rock and Roll be resurrected? Ok. Now I am chat box babbling, tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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