Fracking Earthquake Research 101 -- How to determine the nearest injection well

Please share! Or, click the remix button below the video to put an original copy on your youtube channel !! :)_____________Sample to look up: Earthquake in the midwest Aug 8, 2013Copy the coordinates from the depth= ()Download a copy of google earth full version (free): that you have the coordinates, and google earth , search the you find the earthquake zoom out slightly, and inspect the nearby surrounding area within 1-2 miles around the coordinates. Then, use the yellow google earth placemark (thumbtack) to mark each injection well (for future ease of finding).______Once you find all this take screenshots (ALT+print screen on your keyboard).Finally, don't just sit on the SHARE IT !Make a video once you have a screenshot, or make a blog post with the informationSee dozens of examples here on my website:

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