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Update to ISON HOAX Images In Response To LIEMEE WATCHER 09-01-2013

If you accused me of murder and I told you everyone makes mistakes, that is basically an admission of guilt, so if I ask you wheres your source link and you respond with and I quote ("I am not going to say the name of the person (you coldly call it "source", to me it is a "person", with a real life, kids, loved ones, job), if the person does not want his/her name out there ...not everybody is as out-going as you or me...cheers.") your admitting you are the source of the uploads after it was leaked to you that is an admission. In response to LIEMEE WATCHER here is azazels admission to being original recipient and uploader of images nothing more needs to be said azazel said it all. Visit me @ USTREAM LIVE YOUTUBE FACEBOOK Royalty Free Music Provided By Purple Planet @

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