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9 1 13 Bill Ballard Integrating Lord Metatron with Meline LaFont


Meline LaFont told me she had a message from Lord Metatron who wanted to make contact with me as "Boots on the Ground" so to say to channel that level of energy into Mother Earth and Humanity at this time. It turns out this was my OWN personal "missing link" in my connecting back to Prime Creator. What unfolded was quite majical. This video is full of LIGHT ENCODINGS for ALL who need them at this the energies behind me as well as the strange thing that Skype did as Metatron came through Meline Lafont. At the same time, my head gets pulled back and there is a transfer of encodings into me and my field as Meline is channeling Lord Metatron. I turns out that Lord Metatron IS my higher self between Archangel Michael and Prime and that was my missing link. Many of us are of the same lineage if you are of Archangel to the sounds as it changes with the recording as I am channeling Metatron but while still in my being. It is not the same as how Meline channels as I have always held my space, myself and no one but my higher self but Metatron IS my highest self so I find out now. Notice the Merkaba energy shift in my field as well as all other downloadings of encoding going It is visible for all to see. Andy was also in this Skype recording but for some reason it never came as well as the flips between Meline and myself as she is channeling and I am receiving the Metatron pulls my head back at that I downloaded a program from the web to add my movie intro at the beginning. That program was shareware and why there is an icon from that company in the middle of the videos. There were 2 different types of formats used in this LOVE!Bill Ballard

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  • OtheklzeR#

    OtheklzeR September 2, 2013 4:47:29 PM CEST

    There is not spiritual seperation of the heirarchy they are unity, Metatron aka Pan aka lucifer aka satan is outside of the creation unity (jesus said father let them ((Followers)) be one ((unity)) as we ((godhead)) are one ((unity))).

    It is a dishonest message is given by AKA metatron as his priorities are not unified with the creator . Metatron (AKA Lucifer) is attempting to open his own creation without the unity of the One. anyone who invests spiritual capitol in this banko de lucifer will find his spiritual savings wiped out .

    these are the last times prediced by the one in his book called the Apoclpyse (the book of Jesus) JESUS is unity with the ONE , all things were created by JESUS (including metatron) and nothing that was created was created without him. why look to metatron for second best?

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