Hollywood Racism

  • Uploaded by Asperin on Dec 30, 2008
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The way we speak, move, laugh, treat others, feel, spend our money and everything else is a collective imitation of the world around us.
If you control a medium which shows examples of situations that could be imitated and make those situations look acceptable and innocent you will make people do things you want them to do, even if those situations are morally incorrect.
Violence, rape, suicide, materialism, sexual deprivation, discrimination and racism, among many other vices, have risen with the passing of the years and this is not a human instinct/nature problem but engineered to have an excuse to increase \\\"security\\\"(privacy invasion), \\\"authoritative physical power\\\"(police state), \\\"taxes\\\"(theft), \\\"suppression of free speech\\\"(no discontent allowed), and many other tyrannous methods to enslave humanity and have a particular group of families run everything.

Power centralization of any kind is bad.
Today we see Jews at the head of many tools of mind conditioning, are they helping or harming the majority of the planet?

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