Nahuel Tijsi Live Set Hardtechno/Schranz 2013 Remixes

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Sep 3, 2013
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free download: set with Ableton Live mixing and producing live all remixesTrack list:1- Hush Hush - Booty Schranz Bootleg (Nahuel Tijsi Live made)2- Knight of the Jaguar - Hard I am bit dou (Nahuel Tijsi Live made)3- Birmingham - Schranzingham 2013 Remix (Nahuel Tijsi Mixed)4- 212 - Schranz Bootleg 2013 (Nahuel Tijsi Mixed)5- Hardtechno Anthem - 2013 Remix (Nahuel Tijsi Mixed)6- Learning How to do it - 2013 Remix (Nahuel Tijsi Mixed)7- Heaven on earth - Hardcore vs Hardtechno (Nahuel Tijsi Live made)8- Just a Dance - Schranz Dance (Nahuel Tijsi Live made)9- Painted Black - I see HardTechno (Nahuel Tijsi Live made)10- Rain Drops - DubSchranz (Nahuel Tijsi Live Made)11- Urotsukidoji - Original (Nahuel Tijsi 2013 Live Remixed)12- Deadly Spring - One more (Nahuel Tijsi 2013 Live Remixed)13- Fuck The Rythm - Original (Nahuel Tijsi 2013 Live Remixed)14- We Kill You - Original (Nahuel Tijsi 2013 Live Remixed)

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