8/23/2013 -- Scalar RADAR pulses produce "Ghost Storm" activity on a clear day

Targeted pulses coming from the NEXRAD RADAR stations in Hastings / Red Cloud, Nebraska, also from Topeka, Kansas, and Enid, pulses pointing at the same general area, hitting the area at approximately the same this was occurring, on OTHER systems (such as the weather channels storm tracking, or intellicast storm track, or UCAR storm track) all showed an actual strong cell storm computer saw a storm on a clear day, a "ghost storm" that is. No storm actually there, clear to partly cloudy conditions actually existed. The RADAR pulses (all targeted at the same area) produced CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) .. the precursor to storm formation -- molecules of water formed around a base charge of "charged air" attracts moisture -- nature does this naturally around particles of dust in the air which become charged and attract / build up chains of molecules of which then form into transmitting electricity here NASA experiments: on electricity producing CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) AMS conference here: event today, out of Kansas / Nebraksa / Oklahoma, proves Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden's theory of "Scalar RADAR" to be correct. Energy at a distance , projected from ground based transmitters, overlapping signals, producing heat/electrical more here: more on Thomas Bearden here:

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