UFO, anomalous, weird object 08/29/13 7:14pm EST

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Best viewed in HD. Miami, FL 33176. Witness States: Scanning the sky, I saw this object that looked in first approximation as a plane, zooming in I can't see any wings, and after a while it looks like it dissipates itself like a cloud???!!!!. Using a modified security camera LG LCB5100 (internal cut-off IR filter removed), and modified TV zoom lens 7-100mm YH13x7.5 with added motorized zooming. A 850nm IR filter is in front of this camera CCD. Camera on top of a PTZ base controlled remotely indoors. I was scanning the sky after many cloudy days here in Miami and after a plane crossed the field of view I saw this bright sphere, it looks like its brightness was changing and it was very high, very unlikely to see that with the naked eye and almost at noon time with the sun glaring almost overhead. As I have said it before: there is nothing especial about my location, or any location in particular, I believe that it will be the same in ANY other place, this channel was started with that hypothesis in mind, sightings like this one are confirming that hypothesis. It is up to you to see it with your own eyes and/or your camera. This channel is starting a how-to series about daylight systematic observations, to make crystal clear how to make these observations, we think that the more people doing it, the more new things will be revealed, the first part is already online, we will basically be writing/using "folklore" knowledge. This is the link for that first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxVo7jmd08s All footage is time stamped in real time, PC synchronized using Dimension 4, so you can assume that the time shown is VERY accurate. All the raw video files will be available for anyone to see and do extra analysis and processing here: http://ufoflicks.com/captures/miami/082913/ Disclaimer: Be aware of the meaning of UFO: Unidentified Flying Object, and that is exactly what we are claiming here, nothing more, for us that is the meaning. To make any other claim a more comprehensive study is needed. I am using the label UFO as a reflection of my inability to identify some objects, that may change with further analysis or with more information as has happened before. I would have preferred not to write the following but it is a fact of life: "This footage and any footage in the raw video archive is copyrighted for this channel, you can use it, without asking for permission if you use proper credits, and a link back to this post or channel is provided."

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