Farmers REFUSE to Eat their OWN Food & feel GUILTY Selling it! FUKUshima

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Keep in THIS IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN ANYWERE A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IS STANDING!FARMERS: are just tilling deeply and spreading the radiation are not removing the wonder that the radiation level has not gone down!We "decontaminate" a rice field. We measured the radioactivity in the air, it has not gone down at have not removed the contaminated soil. Of course not!The environment has not changed at all two years after the Fukushima, all farm produce must be checked for the cesium level prior to shipping. The current government limit is 100 Bq. The farmers know how many Bq of cesium their produce contains. We can ship it if the reading is lower than 100. BUT I WOULD NOT DARE EAT IT MYSELF. The consumers assume there is no radiation in the food they buy. What do you say about this? ... We feel guilty about growing it and selling it. We won't eat it ourselves but we sell it. ...The radiation readings in Tamano are almost as high as in Iitate. In the woods, you find spots with 7 to 10 micro Sv/hr everywhere. The decontamination is being done in limited areas. But there are so many cases when the areas outside the crop fields are not measured ... Would you feed your children food with less than 100 Bq? How about 50 Bq? Simple measuring equipment would not detect cesium less than 10 Bq. ... The equipment that can measure all of alpha, beta and gamma rays is too expensive. Usually only gamma rays are measured, therefore only cesium. Do you think that consumers really believe ND (not detected) and put the food in their mouth? No, they won't eat it. I do know that for a fact. ....The government claims it [produce] is within allowed level, but TEPCO doesn't collect the government who has authority to restrict the shipment of agricultural products refused to take any actions. There is nothing more disappointing and discouraging! Earlier I asked where your dignity went. ... How deplorable that public servants like yourselves behave this way!!It [radioactive contamination] is not a rumor. Do you understand? ... Our farmland has been seriously contaminated. As bad as thousands of Bq. I measured my own land. It is there. ... You are not doing your job!WorldNetworkChildrenSAVE THE CHILDREN IN FUKUSHIMA: MESSAGE TO THE WORLD on Mar 27, 2013 27/03/2013We have been fighting on the court to evacuate the children of Fukushima who are in the great danger each and every moment. The district court of Koriyama City once rejected our request and we are now fighting on the high court. But, we cannot wait any longer. Otherwise, we would surely repeat the same tragedy as it happened in Chernobyl which caused a million death world-wide after the disaster. Please send us your voices from abroad as video messages and in other through our website: (under construction)orSend through email: @, make sure to sign our Thank you for your the word!FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted () material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, which constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright you Rumor for the remix button! farmers vs Japanese Government: "Our farmland has been seriously contaminated!"

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